Current contest: "Ties" - Accepting enries until December 30th.
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Accepting entries: December 9th to December 30th. Or max 50 entries.
Voting starts: December 31st and ends January 7th.
Winners' Circle: Past Contests
1. The doll must be wearing a tie (or more than one). The tie/ties may be placed anywhere on the doll. We want to see creative ways of incorporating a tie with an outfit. No Harry Potter related entries.
2. Submit it to us by email:

¤ Name
¤ Website URL (You must have a website to enter this contest. No website that says 'Under Construction'.) We won't accept a homepage that is either a forum, online group or similar.
¤ Base credits
¤ Write "DHF Contest Entry" in the subject line.

3. The image must be in a transparent .gif format. (.bmp's are ok, but NO .jpg's!)
4. Only one entry per person, and a maximum of ONE doll per image.
5. Keep the image no larger than 250x300 pixels. Larger images will be disregarded.
6. Animation is allowed but please keep it small.
7. No Lolido bases, no frankendolling or drag-n-drops allowed.
8. NO mass voting! Mass voting will lead to disqualification.
1st - A place in the winners' circle and a graphic award. Plus a custom doll!
2nd -
A graphic award.
3rd - A graphic award.
Suzy's Choice - A graphic award.
Ika's Choice -
A graphic award.
+ more...

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Karl ¤ Base