Q. Why do I need to have a homepage to enter your contests?
A. Because there have been incidents where people have entered another person's doll, and it's easier for us to determine if the doll is true to its owner when that person has a doll website.
Q. Do you take doll requests?
A. Sorry, not at the moment.
Q. Will you write any tutorials on how you create your dolls?
A. Yes, we're working on it.
Q. Can we be sister sites?
A. We're not accepting sister site requests at the moment.
Q. May I adopt your dolls?
A. Of course! But please link it back to our website. The requested dolls are not for adoption.
Q. Can I alter your bases?
A. Don't alter the base poses. But you may re-colour it or mirror it, and alter the face.
Q. What programs do you use to create your graphics?
A. Photoshop.
Q. What's the difference between the Doris and the Moe bases?
A. The Doris bases are based on the artwork of Alberto Vargas.
Q. Can I use one of your dolls as a signature tag/avatar?
A. No you can't. Unless it's a request doll that we made specifically for you.