2002, 2003
11.26.04 A new Fantasy doll, a new doll in Mythical, four new Goth dolls, and a new doll in Other bases.
11.20.04 10 new Moe bases.
11.02.04 A new Fantasy doll, and a Halloween Gift.
10.27.04 3 new dolls: Goth, Misc and Other Bases. + Some new Halloween props.
10.22.04 2 new dolls in Victorian/Edwardian and 1 in Fantasy.
10.19.04 2 new dolls in Characters.
10.12.04 A new doll in Characters.
10.11.04 A new doll in Misc.
10.10.04 2 new dolls: Goth and 60's.
10.08.04 Winners announced and awarded in the 1960-1964 contest.
10.07.04 3 new Misc dolls, plus 2 in Other Bases.
09.29.04 A new Fantasy doll, and a new Vintage doll.
09.26.04 2 new dolls: Characters and Fantasy.
09.23.04 2 new dolls in Misc.
09.19.04 3 new dolls: Characters, Fantasy and Misc.
09.18.04 Winners announced and awarded in the 1965-1969 contest.
09.17.04 New section of X-Men dolls!
09.16.04 Finally, a new tutorial of how to add patterns.
09.14.04 A Hogwarts student.
09.12.04 New couple doll holding hands.
09.10.04 New doll in baggy clothes, and Cho Chang.
09.08.04 One new doll in the Victorian/Edwardian section, and one in Other Bases.
09.06.04 8 new Moe bases, 2 Doris bases, 2 props and a new doll: Narcissa & Bellatrix.
09.04.04 The 1965-1969 contest is now voting!
09.02.04 3 new dolls: Tonks, Cho and Marietta, and a misc.
08.22.04 It's the Goddess Freja.
08.16.04 2 NEW CONTESTS! 1960-1964 and 1965-1969. Each accepting 30 entries.
08.16.04 A pink summer doll and a 20's doll. + Winners announced and awarded in the Tissot contest.
08.03.04 6 new Moe bases.
07.31.04 A scooter prop, doll on a pinkland base, a Marilyn Manson doll and a Mermaid on a new Fantasy base.
07.30.04 7 new couple bases.
07.29.04 Three new characters from Harry Potter: Bellatrix, Luna and Rita Skeeter.
07.28.04 Two new Victorian dolls.
07.27.04 The Tissot contest is now voting! + Winners announced and awarded in the Base Edit contest.
07.25.04 "Ophelia" based on artwork by John William Waterhouse.
07.24.04 New doll based on artwork by Tissot.
07.22.04 A pair of friends.
07.20.04 A new Fantasy doll.
07.19.04 Two dedicated followers of mod fashion.
07.18.04 Another Victorian doll.
07.17.04 Two new dolls. Cleopatra and The Devil.
07.15.04 New Victorian doll.
07.14.04 Gorgeous Victorian doll.
07.13.04 A Hogwarts uniformed student.
07.12.04 A new Goth doll, entered in a contest.
07.11.04 NEW CONTEST! Couple Base Edit. Accepting 30 entries. + Winners announced and awarded in the Pick 8 contest.
07.10.04 Time for a huge base update: 17 new Moe poses, and a couple base.
07.09.04 Some new props to use, like umbrellas.
07.08.04 Entry for a Barbie contest.
07.07.04 A couple from Star Trek: The Original Series.
07.05.04 New Fantasy doll.
07.03.04 NEW CONTEST! Tissot. Accepting 30 entries.
07.02.04 The Pick 8 contest is now voting!
06.30.04 Two new dolls: Fantasy and Harry Potter themed.
06.28.04 New Fantasy doll.
06.26.04 Two new dolls: One with green pants and one with a cream coloured formal dress.
06.24.04 A new goth doll.
06.23.04 Doll in black mesh.
06.18.04 Doll wrapped in blue robes.
06.17.04 A new doll based on a manga picture.
06.15.04 NEW CONTEST! Pick 8. Accepting 40 entries.
06.13.04 Three muses.
06.11.04 The Regency Era contest awards are posted.
06.08.04 Catherine Deane from the movie "The Cell".
06.06.04 Ladybug doll.
06.04.04 A sparkling little fairy, and a new version of the centaur base.
06.03.04 Another 50's inspired doll.
06.01.04 A Hufflepuff student.
05.26.04 A cool polka dot beach gear, + three couple bases.
05.25.04 A new vintage doll.
05.24.04 Doll in a sixties style dress.
05.23.04 Two new couple bases.
05.22.04 An elfish doll added to the Fantasy section.
05.21.04 The Regency Era contest is now voting!
05.20.04 Another contest entry: A Jedi knight.
05.18.04 A Gothic couple for a contest.
05.16.04 Fantasy doll.
05.15.04 New design! We like it a lot!
05.11.04 New Fantasy doll of the Earth Element.
05.09.04 New Fantasy doll of the Water Element.
05.06.04 New Fantasy doll of the Fire Element.
05.03.04 New Fantasy doll of the Air Element.
04.30.04 New International doll.
04.29.04 Éowyn from Lord Of The Rings.
04.28.04 Satine from Moulin Rouge.
04.27.04 Princess Isabelle from Braveheart.
04.26.04 Doll based on the character of Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter.
04.25.04 New Edwardian doll.
04.21.04 Five new Moe base poses, and a multi-pose centaur base.
04.19.04 Winners announced in the Forest Folk contest. Thanks to all who entered!
04.16.04 New misc doll.
04.12.04 Awards for the Star Wars contest! The Forest Folk contest is now voting.
04.11.04 New doll based on artwork by J.E Bowser.
04.09.04 Shaggy from Scooby Doo and a new Goth doll.
04.04.04 The Forest Folk contest filled up in no time, it's now closed. But there's a new contest: Regency Era! Accepting 40 entries.
04.03.04 Two new Doris bases and a new Moe couple base.
04.02.04 New Fantasy doll.
04.01.04 The Taka Base Edit awards are up, and we just posted a new contest named "Forest Folk". Accepting 30 entries.
03.29.04 Twins from Goldmember.
03.26.04 3 new dolls! Fred from Scooby Doo, a Gypsy, and a Victorian doll.
03.23.04 The Taka Base Edit contest is now voting. + A sixties inspired doll.
03.15.04 Doll in a green kimono.
03.14.04 New doll: Carrie in Sex and the City.
03.11.04 Doll in a lovely green dress.
03.10.04 New Edwardian doll, and a Hogwarts student.
03.09.04 NEW CONTEST! "Taka Base Edit". Accepting 30 entries. + New Fantasy doll: A spring fairy.
03.08.04 New doll in the Misc section.
03.07.04 Two dolls on the new Taka bases.
03.06.04 Harry & Ginny, and two Hogwarts couples.
03.05.04 Two new Moe/Oliver couple bases!
03.04.04 New doll based on Snow White.
02.27.04 Dead looking twin dolls.
02.24.04 New International doll.
02.23.04 The Artist Vision contest awards are up, and the Outfit Kit contest is now voting! + NEW CONTEST! "Star Wars". Accepting 50 entries.
02.21.04 New set of bases!
02.20.04 Another Regency doll, + NEW CONTEST! "Outfit Kit". Accepting 20 entries.
02.19.04 Two new Regency dolls.
02.17.04 Two new vintage dolls: Edwardian and Regency style.
02.15.04 A new Edwardian doll.
02.14.04 A Valentine's Day gift.
02.11.04 A new sitting Moe and Oliver base.
02.09.04 Ravenclaw Quidditch trio.
02.08.04 New doll: Goddess of Spring.
02.07.04 Moaning Myrtle is haunting DHF...
02.06.04 Two Hogwarts couples.
02.05.04 Finally! Male bases... We named him "Oliver".
02.02.04 New doll holding a lantern.
02.01.04 NEW CONTEST! "Artistic Vision". Accepting enries until February 22nd.
01.29.04 Custom made doll for the winner of the Ties contest.
01.28.04 New doll: Glimmer.
01.27.04 A new side facing Doris base with open / closed eyes, + Two new screensavers to download.
01.25.04 New doll: Castaspella.
01.23.04 Another Victorian doll!
01.20.04 Two new dolls: A Victorian and an Edwardian.
01.19.04 A new Victorian doll. The contest is now voting. There is a poll for People's Choice.
01.17.04 An Edwardian doll, + 3 new Moe bases.
01.13.04 New doll: Arwen from LOTR.
01.12.04 New doll: Arwen from LOTR.
01.11.04 Major update! Launch of a large new section called "Goodies". So far it features tutorials, downloads and some pixel extras. + New doll: Èowyn from LOTR.
01.10.04 NEW CONTEST! "Moe Base Edit". Accepting enries until January 23rd.
01.09.04 The contest awards are up! Stand ready for the next contest... which will be posted very soon! ;)
01.07.04 Yes, we're on a Regency roll indeed! + Hufflepuff request.
01.06.04 Another historical doll.
01.05.04 A new historical doll.
01.04.04 4 new dolls: A request, two gothic dolls, and Èowyn.
01.02.04 New Hogwarts trio doll.
01.01.04 Velma & Daphne from Scooby Doo + Children from Village of the Damned.