Shayla: cool site
CrystalTears: amazing *__* i love this site
Quixotic: You have such gorgeous dolls! I luv your fantasy ones the best since they remind me of the works of Mucha. Keep it up!
Abi: I LOVE your site!
Alicia: Great Dolls. Love your bases. I need to work on getting my own doll site. I need to get a new image program though(ms paint is horriable)
Aylia: Do you have any tutorials for Paint Shop Pro 8???? I need some!!
icia: i wear that much black in the sun O.o
alexandra: hawar yo this pags is a bery good nes aim happy an yoo¡?¡?
Amethyst: I always enjoy visiting your site! Your latest work is beautiful! {{hugs}}
Amber: That girl in all black on the beach reminds me of a character in a short story I just got done reading. It is ridiculous to wear that much black in the swealtering sun. ^^; Hehe. Cute dolls! >
Shylah: Hey your dolls ROCK! Im not that good. I do all my dolling in paint and i have just started, I hope that i soon am as good as you! My site is an rp board, just thought to let ya know...
Kat: Hey! i love your site! the layout Kiks! i really like your HP dolls too! lol
Madde: Can u do mor boy dolls please!!!! Can u do a Aragon, Legolan, Gimli, Frodo, Sam and a Fred and George doll!!!!!! U are the best!
FeFe: Click me to visit the hottest online dollzine
Eowyn: do you do requests? if so, let me know and ll put one up, coz i neeed a mascot doll click on my name and sign my guestbook!
vivica: hi, i love your site. awsome dolls and bases thought id let you know how awsome you are .... ttyl
roxy: love ya goth dolls
SaRa: Continuo nel dire che queste dolls sono le più belle in assoluto! Le basi sono fantastiche, i vestiti anche!
Tisha: Hey, I love your dolls. Keep up the good work!
Del: Awesome dollz and bases hun!! Keep up the outstanding work
andrew: ur site rocks! i lov ur bases! awesome. i use them all the time. anyway, come vistit my site people! i hate saying that but w/e
NaTaLia: Holaa, soy de Chile, y las dollz de este sitio son las mas maravillosas que he visto..espero que sigan haciendo muchas, pero muchas más... bye
NaTaLia: Holaa, soy de Chile, y las dollz de este sitio son las mas maravillosas que he visto..espero que sigan haciendo muchas, pero muchas más... bye
Naheeda: Brilliant Site and dolls! Keep the good work!
Elven Princess of the Sea: Happy two-year anniversary!
Airen: Great!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniela: isnt be the first time i seen this dolls but i can say than are sooooo coool *.* I loved!! well... what program you use for do this prettys??? Well... Congratulations!! Your dolls are unic!! kisses!! ^^!! (( im the same Daniela xD ))
go_figure: The bases are just gorgeous! Keep up the good work!
Paris: hey how do i get to make dollz hey i forgotto mensionyour site is wonderful!
Lilly: I love your X-men dolls! Please tell me you are planning on making a wolverine doll one day. Pretty please
Nikki: Great stuff as always Suzy and Ika!! You guys rock, I love that new doll, the detail on the moon is AWESOME!
kate: hey how do build dolls im confused help
christina: awesome this out of all the places i have been this is the best!!
Raleigh: wow wow wow wow wow. This is such an amazing site. Your amount of dolls is stuning and they all are extremly beautiful. I also love your moe base its awesome! Im making a doll with it right now infact. Anyway keep up the fantabulous work!
Sara: Hi Suzy! I was wondering if youd be interested in entering my contest? Its a Shakespearean themed contest. I think youd do a great job. Come visit my site if you have time!