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Jeri Ryan
Answers Your Questions

Question: What kind of music do you listen to?

Jeri Ryan: I listen to all kinds of music with the exception of Rap and Jazz. I love REM and actually, I have a closet addiction to really bad 80's music.

Q: Are we going to see some more excitement in the fading Kim/Seven relationship? (I hope so!)

JR: There's an episode coming up where Seven has her first date but I'll leave it up to you as to whether he's her first date or not. We just finished shooting it so it'll be awhile.

Q: How do you relate to your character? How is she like/unlike you?

JR: Seven is actually less like me than any other character I've played simply from a personality standpoint. We're polar opposites emotionally. Let's just say Seven goes back to the Collective. She doesn't get reassimilated technically because as you find out in the movie the reason the Queen wants Seven back is because she's the only drone who ever lived as an individual. Her individuality is what they desire. It's important to the queen that she come of her own free will.


JR: I think we'd get along famously

Q: Does putting on your new blue catsuit still take about an hour?

JR: No, it's actually about a 20-minute process but yes, it's about the same amount of time as for the other costume.

Q: Just wanted to say that you are a great actress.. And also a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY ( a bit early) from your Swedish fans!

JR: Thank you on both counts.

why do you never appear in your chat room chat but apper here ?
nerd good looking

I have not actually been online on my computer at home in about four or five months because I've had a lot going on both personally and professionally. Hopefully things will start settling down and I'll get back in touch with everybody.

how do you feel about all the attention your character has attracted?

I'm thrilled, obviously. That's what you hope for as an actor and I know that's what the show hoped for when they added the character. It's worked out well for everyone concerned.

How do you think Seven is going to feel once Voyager reaches Earth

JR: Well, even less comfortable than she does now, if that's possible. I think it will open up a lot of new storylines. Because of her already ambivalent feelings about Earth and humanity and family.

(Jeri has arrived! Yay! until this point she was on her cell phone with us)

Why did you give Garrett Wang the nickname Goober?

Have you met Garrett?

I heard that Kate Mulgrew is planning to leave Voyager, is that true?

JR: No, as far as I know, that's not true. That's a good example of giving an interview on a bad day and the press taking a quote out of context and running with it.

Did you ever consider doing Star Trek before you got this part?


Why (being a borg and all) does 7 wear high heels?

Isn't a four inch heel your most efficient footwear?

Q: Are you going to join any other TV series or movies?

In all my free time? There really isn't time to do anything else right now.

Before you became a regular part of the Star Trek family, had you been a Star Trek fan?

No, I have to admit I was not.

How long does it usually take to make an episode?

One episode is seven or eight shooting days, depending on how long it is.

This isn't really a question but I hope you appreciate the fact that it is now 2.30AM here in the UK! Thats fan dedication for you!

You're a sweetheart.

(Are you sure you're not dreaming?)

would you accept ANY cheesecakes sent to you for your birthday, or would you just throw it out?

As much as I would love to, they don't let me eat food sent to me through the mail, for safety reasons.

Hi Jeri, Did you ever work as a model?

Yeah, I did briefly when I was in college and when I first moved to California.

Jeri, I sent a request for an autograph for a friends birthday last June, you were so kind to include a sorry note for it being late but she loved it, so all is good.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell everybody that I'm currently about a year behind in fan mail. So here's one big group 'sorry!'

Hey Jeri, love ya work. I was just wondering at the possibility of Seven being involoved in a romantic relationship with another woman, and what your thoughts would be if this were to happen?

If there's any ST character that this storyline would make sense for...it's Seven. So it wouldn't surprise me if that was touched on for an episode.

Who designed your Borg implants and do they have a specific meaning?

I assume Michael Westmore did. I don't know who sculpted them, if Michael didn't. Considering the name that they use to refer to my eyepiece changes with every episode, I'm guessing the use isn't that specific.

How do you get along with Kate Mulgrew?

Fine. Kate's a riot.

Hi Jeri, Is your son, Alex, still into Bill Nye The Science Guy? Or has he moved on to other idols?

He adores him. And I have to admit, I think he's pretty cool too.

If your hair is long how in the show it's short?

It's an 'updo'.

What is your idea of a light meal?

Big Mac and fries. And the cheese that I'm munching on now.

Jeri what was it like to do a Voyager movie?
Commander Coy

JR: The same as doing two episodes of Voyager back to back... This is a sensational story that really took two hours to tell.

Howdy, Jeri! Hope you make a new record for Celebrity chat attendance! Anyway, Any hopes that they are gonna put you in one of the uniforms the rest of the crew wears? Not that there is anything wrong with the one you usually wear, but......

No because I'm not Starfleet.

Q: how long does it take to apply the Borg Pieces to your face and hand(s)?

JR: It's no big deal. It's about 15 minutes to glue them on. The full Borg make-up on the other hand... We got that down to about 2 1/2 hours.

Q: Will Naomi (the little girl) be a constant feature in Voyager?

JR: She'll be reoccuring.

Q: Is directing (not just Trek, but anything, filmed or live) of any interest to you? I am always interested in the transition from in front of the camera to behind it, especially when a woman's vision is the focal point.

JR: I have no illusions about where my talents are. Directing is not one of them.

Q: Who is my dad? The Doctor or the crewman who gave dna?

JR: Actually, it's neither... it's the holo-emitter And you get no allowance.

Q: I love your work on Voyager. Will you be doing any conventions in the near future and if so, where?

JR: In New Orleans in a couple of weeks. And a few others that I don't remember right now. Check the transcript.

Q: Hi, Jeri! From all of us at your Official Homepage, happy (early) birthday!

JR: Thanks, Greg.

Q: how did it feel the first time you walked on set and did you get on with the rest of the cast straight away?
dan dare 98 uk

JR: It felt really strange. It was just a very strange feeling to realize that this was STAR TREK. And yes, the cast was terrific and they were ribbing me just as hard as they ribbed everybody else on the first day.

Q: After watching last nights show and the others involving the little girl Morgan, do you think that Seven could actually be a mother to a child of her own and would the show do it?

JR: Could be an interesting storyline. I'm guessing if I ever got pregnant they wouldn't have much choice because you can't really hide it in that costume.

Q: I understand from reliable sources that between takes you relax in some alternate footwear. Can you elaborate?

JR: Okay, who's the leak coming from? Have them shot. Just kidding. I have these really ugly, huge bedroom slippers that I wear whenever I can get out of the heels.

Q: What's your belief regarding the possibility of life throughout the Universe?

JR: I think that it's arrogant to think that we'd be the only intelligent life as vast as space is.

Q: Is your son a fan of Trek now that you are on Voyager??
Aaron and Aleigh

JR: Yeah, he loves it. His favorite episode is the 100th where we're all frozen.

Q: Jeri, I was wondering what state you were chatting from?

JR: State of Confusion. I'm actually in Calfornia at Paramount with them.

Q: What do you prefer, tea or coffee?

JR: It depends on my mood and the hour of the day. On a 4:30 AM call coffee is the drink of choice.

Q: PLEASE tell Jeri Happy Valentine's Day and that i have a crush on her

JR: Awwww! That's so sweet!

Q: I know that you have attened conventions in America, but will you be coming over to the u.k. in the next couple of years ?

JR: Hopefully at some point.

Q: What is your FAN Mail address?

JR: You can write me here at Paramount/ c/o Voyager, 5555 Melrose/ LA CA 90038.

Q: Do you personally open all your fan mail or do you have people to handle that and send out pictures which you autographed?

JR: Up to this point I have gone through all of my own mail and answered it all. unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, it's gotten to be too much for me to handle. As you know, if you've written me in the last year and haven't recevied a response yet so I've just recently gotten someone to help me.

Q: Does your son like the Teletubbies??
Aaron and Aleigh

JR: Unfortunately, yes.

Q: Hey Jeri, my daughter digs him too, he is cool. Do you know of any plans for a theather movie featuring the Voyager crew?

JR: No immediate plans that I know of but I wouldn't be surprised once Voyager is off the air.

(probably meaning Bill Nye...)

Q: How many times does the eyepiece fall off while shooting an episode??
Zero Grav

JR: Sadly, it's glued on pretty thoroughly.

Q: How did you get casted for Seven? And after two years of playing her, is it what you expected her to be what she is now?

I auditioned and I have to say the writing and the way Seven has been developed has far exceeded my best expectations.

Q: Will you be needing any 13 year old girls for Voyager soon? Because I would give my little brother to be on your show. (I don't have to be on the show, you can have the brother for free) But it would be such an honor to be on your show, PLEASE?

JR: LOL! That's cute. You'll be first in line.

Q: Would you ever do a cameo on the Simpsons???

JR: Sure.

Q: Hmmm, I sent you a cheesecake and you're a year behind in fan mail? DON'T OPEN THAT BOX!!!! Just kidding :-)


Q: Jeri, what is Seven's full Borg name?

JR: Seven of Nine Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One

Q: how was the experience working with Jason Alexander and is it true you have more borg implants besides the ones in your arm and in your face

JR: Jason was great. He's an absolute doll and very very funny. Yes. Apparently I'm 18% Borg, since the Doctor in "The Gift" said that he removed 82% of my Borg hardware.

Q: Your character seems to relate to Data from TNG....you both are searching to become human....would you agreee with that?

JR: Yes. Absolutely.

Q: Hi Jeri! Happy b-day (a bit early). In one episode, we got to hear your fantastic singing voice....I was wondering, have you thought at all about maybe pursing it on the side, like Brent Spiner did?

JR: Sure I thought about it... then I woke up screaming. But thanks.

Q: When is seven going to get a regenerator that is horizontal and with a pillow?

JR: Right. My kind of thinker!

Q: How easy was it for you to pick up the Star Trek lingo?

JR: Techno babble is the dialogue of death.

Q: How did you find it when you started on Voyager?

JR: They drew me a map.

Just kidding!! It was fun. I love the character and it's a great group of people .

Q: Jeri, I loved the way you played different personalties in the one where you were had a mutiple personality disorder. Where did you take acting lessons?

JR: Thank you. I was a theatre major at Northwestern University.

Q: Is Dark Frontier a 2 part episode?

JR: It's a two hour movie but later, for syndication, it will be cut into two parts.

Q: whatever happened to the futuristic BORG technoligy? did voyager ever use any of this technology?

JR: I think the futuristic Borg technology died with One.

Q: How fast can you type? Oh, and why aren't you typing?

JR: Not very fast.... that would be why Jackie's typing. :)

Q: For how long have you been playing 7 of 9 .. and if you would have something to change to the character...what would that be ?

JR: Two seasons now. I really wouldn't change anything about her now. I'm really pleased about the way the writers have developed her. Actually, I'd put her in a little tighter suit. Just kidding!

Q: Scarlett Pomers has appeared on a lot of shows lately. Any comments on her? I hear she's quite popular with the rest of the cast.

JR: Scarlett's very sweet and a very talented little lady.

Q: As a fellow midwesterner I was curious if you ever miss life back in the center of the country or does the west coast suit you fine?

JR: I gotta tell ya, I'm not missing the weather there right about now.

Q: Which catsuit is your favorite?

JR: The current, plum suit. You haven't seen it yet... you'll see it in the 2 hour movie.

Q: Do you think that Seven will ever become one of the crew? Or will she always be somewhat distant socially?

JR: Boy, I hope she's always distant. That's my one bit of imput for this character is that I want to keep her the outsider. And keep a bit of the Borg conflict.

Q: Do you have any plans for what Seven will do when Voyager gets back to Earth?

JR: I'm planning a nice party and maybe some needlepoint.

Q: I just wanna say Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine from your Czech republic Fan-club. You're the Goddness of Beauty, We all love you .. and I most (I'm chief of this new fan-club ... we know you just for 3 weeks)

JR: I love you guys!

Q: Does Seven EVER take a shower?

JR: Boy I hope so or that cargo bay is awfully fragrant right now.

Q: Do you worry about being "type-casted" in possible future roles due to the success of the Seven of Nine character?

JR: I worried about that a lot before I took this job. Fortunately, I don't think that is a concern anymore.

Q: is this really jeri ryan?

JR: Is this really Otherguy?

Q: How does Jeri eat a Reeses Crunchy Cookie Cup?

JR: She doesn't.

Q: Is it strange having something actually GLUED to your face?

JR: Yes.

Q: In "I am Spock", Nimoy seemed to think of himself as a defender of his character. He would argue things that seemed out of character and often get them changed. Do you feel a similar responsibility?
CoW mAn

JR: Yes. We all have to be the watchdog for our characters because with nine regular characters on the show... it's tough for the writers to keep every detail of every person in the forefront of their mind. You're always the most intimately aware of your own character. I've been lucky with this character because since she's new... especially last year, she was very much on all of the writers' minds. So it made my job easy. Because I didn't have to watch everything... they were very tuned into the minutae of the character.

Q: Do you get an adrenalin burst every episode acting as a borg?

JR: Yes, it's always a surprise to me when I get to play the Borg again... I keep hoping for Neelix, but what the heck. :)

Q: Do you have your own Web Site??

JR: The official Jeri Ryan fanclub website is: www.jerilynn.com

They do a terrific job running it.

Q: If Seven ever got into a fight with Tuvok, who do you think would win?

JR: As I recall we did... and oh let's see... I kicked his butt!

Q: What is you favorite vacation spot?

JR: Italy. And Paris... I love Paris.

Q: What is your reaction towards the fans?

JR: There are no fans in the world like Star Trek fans. No more passionate or loyal group anywhere. You guys are the best.

Q: Which of the other Voyager characters would you kill off if you had the chance?

JR: Oh yeah, how to win friends and influence people.

Q: Please please answer my question! Do you think Seven and B'Elanna will ever become friends or will they remain distrustful of each other?

JR: I don't know if they'll ever become friends since I think there's too much inherent personality conflict but they're gaining a grudging respect for each other.

Q: I am currently in rehearsals for "The Glass Menagerie," do you have a fave theatre role?

JR: Medea. And break a leg.

Q: What personality did you like best in the multiple personality episode?

JR: The little girl was fun.

Q: What is the difference between a two hour movie and making two back to back episodes.

JR: Nothing. Just the way they're aired.

Q: How can I get invited to the party you're throwing?

JR: You can write to Guy at his home address which is... Just kidding!!!

Q: Who is the funniest person to work with on the show?

JR: They're all psychopaths. I've learned that in a scene with any of the men... I can't look directly at them, or we'll never finish the scene because I'll be laughing too hard.

Q: I had heard rumor that Voyager may end in Season 5 or 6. Is this true?
Or will it continue way beyound that?

JR: Oh it's going at least 35 years... :)

Q: Did you ever meet Gene Rodenberry?

JR: No. I came along after he passed away.

Q: Long hair looked great on you in the episode staged mostly in the holodeck. Any chance of a hair style change for 7?

JR: No, Capt. Janeway has that market cornered.

Q: When is The Last Man to be released

JR: Sometime next spring.

Q: Hello Jeri!!!!! Just curious, what's in your pocket right now? :P

JR: In grand Star Trek tradition I have no pockets.

Q: Jeri, do you get to see a picture of the alien or special effects before you start talking to thin air for the effects shot?

JR: No. We basically get a big bluescreen with the occasional 'X' made out of tape.

Q: Jeri, what is YOUR favourite colour? BTW Happy Valentine's day!

JR: Blue.

Q: If you could have anything you wanted right now, what would it be?

JR: About 12 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Q: Were you born into a large family? Brothers,sisters?

JR: I have one brother.

Q: How much input do the actors have into the content of the script?

JR: Well, the producers are very open to our suggestions, that's not to say that they have to take them, but they certainly listen.

Q: What would happen if Seven got drunk?

JR: Check out the 100th episode.

Q: How was Robbie McNeill directing in a recent episode?

JR: He was great.

Q: Are you the youngest actor on the set of Voyager?

JR: Garrett's actually six months younger than me.

Q: Will we get to see any live pics of you chatting like we did last time?

JR: There was a big, resounding 'no' for that one in this chat.

Q: Hi Jeri!You're my favorite Star Trek character. And you made me alot more self-cofident.My parents were in Vegas a little while ago,and my dad went to Star Trek:The Experience,and he got me a Sven of Nine shirt.And I loved it so much,I had to wear it to school.
#1 fan

JR: That's very sweet. :)

Q: Hi! I am frequently on your website under the handle of "locutus". The others and I would like it very much if you were to visit whenever possible. Oh, and how can I get your autograph?

JR: Hi Locutus. Sorry I've been gone so long, hopefully I'll be able to stop by soon.

Jeri - thanks for coming by to chat with us. Once again, it was lots of fun. And thank you all very much for participating in tonight's Special Event.

Thanks for chatting. It was fun as always. See you next time.

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