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Tim Russ
Answers Your Questions

As you know, Tim Russ plays Tuvok—a Vulcan with sometimes-inscrutable logic. Russ, however, speaks clearly about his role on Star Trek: Voyager, his interests and even who he would like to mind-meld with. Read on…

Question: Would you rather have Voyager go for an eighth season, or do you think seven is enough?
S. Silver

Tim Russ: It's hard to say, There is an up side to working the show for a number of years and there's a down side. I would like a chance to work in other areas of the business freely, but I would probably take the final year if it was offered to me, if only because of the financial benefit.

Q: How many takes does it usually take for you to do a scene?
George J., Australia

TR: It can take as many as 19 or 20, but we usually do it in one to three takes.

Q: Why do you think Tuvok was the character selected to be fully assimilated in the premier of Season 7?

TR: Just the choice of the writers—perhaps my powers of telepathy made me vulnerable.

Q: What do you find your strongest Vulcan quality?
Thomas, England

TR: Control over emotion. I wish I could do the same—especially in traffic.

Q: Do you have a favorite out of all the Voyager episodes, and why?
Emma C., England

TR: “Future's End.” It was the most fun to shoot for that two weeks because we were on location.

Q: Are they ever going to add seat belts and air bags to the bridge of Starfleet ships? (My seven-year old son asks.)

TR: We use "inertial dampers" (mechanical systems) to keep us from flying all over the place.

Q: What was it like doing the voice for Tuvok in the new game "Star Trek: Voyager-Elite Force"?
Matthew H.

TR: It was two rather long days in the recording studio, otherwise it was fairly routine. The vocal quality will vary to suit the needs of the game from time to time.

Q: Do you find yourself critiquing your performances as the episode airs? If so, are they generally favorable, or are you your own worst critic?
Jason G.

TR: We as actors are always our own worst critics. I will watch shows I'm heavy in.

Q: G'day Mr. Russ. I just wanna ask you, do you have any plans to attend any conventions down under in New Zealand in the future?
Dave B.

TR: None right now. But if I'm invited to go there I will.

Q: Knowing this has been the last season, has the cast and crew relaxed a little and are you having a bit of fun?
Mark G.

TR: We always try to have fun when shooting—sometimes too much fun.

Q: If you were forced, for some reason, to give up acting or music, which would it be?
Heather B.

TR: If I had no choice at all, I might give up acting because I can always make a living playing music.

Q: Do you like astronomy? If you do, what are your favorite stars?
The A's

TR: I do love astronomy. My favorite individual stars are Mizar (double star) and the Seven Sisters.

In the season opener, how long did you have to be in the make-up chair for the Borg outfit, and for how many days?

Borg make up took three hours the first time, then one and a half-hours after that.

Will we ever see an episode concerning Tuvok and Pon farr? Please say yes!
Sherman J

There is a Pon farr episode coming....!

When will you be taking on Howard Stern and the Losers again?
Jonathan D.

Don't know if that will happen at all.

How old is Tuvok?
David F.

TR: Roughly 100 years old (Vulcan years).

Q: Is there a chance we'll get to see another episode directed by you? (I consider "Living Witness" one of the best Voyager episodes.)
Maria N.

TR: Hopefully, near the second half of the season.

Q: If you could mind-meld with anyone from anywhere (or anytime), who would you meld with?
Nikolas B.

TR: I would like to have had the opportunity to meld with Jesus Christ. His philosophy and that of the Vulcan's are similar. I wonder....

Q: What was your first day like?

TR: It was with Genevieve Bujold as the Captain. It was a short day of work, as she did not complete the days’ shooting. It was an uneasy mood because it did not go smoothly.

Q: Are you funny in real life?

TR: No more than the average person.

Q: Does playing a Vulcan ever get boring?
Robert R.

TR: After so many years yes it does, from an acting standpoint.

Q: Do you believe that aliens exist?

TR: Yes I do. The Drake Equation [an equation by astronomer Frank Drake that estimates the number of star systems with planets that may be able to support life] is a fairly solid one.

Q: Aside from what you compose, what other music do you listen to?
Ariel, Dallas

TR: Many styles of music—adult contemporary, rock, and R & B.

Q: Are you a football fan and if so, what team?
Kyle C.

I used to be a [Minnesota] Vikings fan, but I don't watch it that much anymore.

Do you have any pets?
Mary M.

At this time, no pets.

Thanks for your participation Tim, and good luck with the rest of your final season.

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