- Trek Galaxy's Voyager Tribute -

By Gregory L. Norris & Laura A. Van Vleet exclusively for TrekGalaxy.

Filming of the last ever episode of Star Trek: Voyager ended on Monday 9th April 2001 - and to mark seven great years, we asked well known writers Gregory L. Norris and Laura A. Van Vleet to produce a farewell salute to the series for Trek Galaxy in the form of a 10 day on-set report featuring behind-the-scenes reports from the series finale, interviews with the cast and original photography from the Paramount back lot.

We pay tribute to Star Trek Voyager with a 10 day set report...

Select Day
Day 01 - The Journey Begins - Gregory and Laura go to Hollywood
Day 02 - The Captain Talks - Kate Mulgrew Interview
Day 03 - A Conversation with Commander Chakotay
Day 04 - Tuvok, Tactical and Tim Russ
Day 05 - Dinner With Neelix
Day 06 - Half Klingon, Half Human, All Star!
Day 07 - We'll always Have Paris!
Day 08 - A Date With The Doctor
Day 09 - Getting Wild With Harry!
Day 10 - Ken Biller, Voyager Outtakes and Farewell Delta Quadrant

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