Contest Opening Date Entries Status
1960-1964 August 16th 30 / 30 Awards
General Rules:
1. Submit the entry to us by email:

¤ Your Name
¤ Base Credit URL (If any)
¤ Your Website URL (You must have a doll related website to enter the contests. (Why? Read the F.A.Q for further info.) No website that says 'Under Construction' or similar.)

2. The image must be in a transparent .gif format. (.bmp's and .png's are ok, but NO .jpg's!)
3. Only one entry per person, and a maximum of ONE doll per image.
4. Keep the image no larger than 250x300 pixels. Larger images will be disregarded.
5. Animation is allowed but please keep it small.
6. No Lolido bases, no frankendolling or drag-n-drops allowed.
1st - A place in the winners' circle and a graphic award. Plus a custom doll!
2nd -
A graphic award.
3rd - A graphic award.
People's Choice - A graphic award.
Suzy's Choice - A graphic award.
Ika's Choice -
A graphic award.
+ more...
Voting Rules:
A judging group will pick the winners - (except Suzy's Choice, Ika's Choice and People's Choice).
People's Choice will be decided by a poll vote.
Winners' Circle:
Winner: Diana
Winner: Leila
Winner: Leila
Winner: Melanie
Winner: Rini
Winner: Nene-chan
Winner: Chip
Winner: Chip
Winner: Despina
Winner: Despina
Winner: Luna
Winner: Despina
Winner: Diana
Winner: Karlee
Winner: Emily
Winner: Nikki
Winner: Diana
Winner: Rhudriel
Winner: Michelle
Winner: Solace
Winner: Alex
Winner: Alex
Winner: Keleos