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01/11/2004 - 00:49
~*~Ophelia dumbledore~*~

I love dolls! I started making thm myself recently but nowhere near as good as you, your dolls are excellent and I love the way your harry potter, x men and lord of the rings dolls resemble the characters so much. I swear your dolls rule the online doll world they are so unique and no one can deny you have the best dolls.

30/10/2004 - 23:43

WOW! I just started making dolls last night, and I put one up on my site using one of your fantastic bases (Circe, under "Fantasy and SciFi", if you want to look ) I doubt there's anything I can say about the wonderful quality of your work that hasn't already been said a hundred times, so I'll just say: I agree!!!

Also, under the "other bases" section, there's a doll with a little daffodil on her head...Did you by any chance take this from a very old cartoon with a bunch of flower fairy-like people in it??? If you did, do you remember the name? I've been trying to remember for ages, but I can't, and I absolutely LOVED it!

30/10/2004 - 03:57
from Canada   msn Mikhaila

Your site is the greatest and so are ALL the dolls! I especially love that your doing the characters from 8 femmes! that is a really great movie, you do a wonderful job of recreating them and i love the layour of the site too, its easy to find your way around. I have been visiting this site for about a year and this is the first time i've ever written anything, i love love love your work so keep it coming! thanks!

29/10/2004 - 10:20
N.K.  X

I LOVE your site, I mean your dolls are so good. Honest to God, you have the best dolls around, there is no other dolling site that is better than yours. You can do so much detail and have it still look good. Also your bases rock! You can see I've been using your bases! Keep up the GREAT job!

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