Updates (2003)
2002, 2004
12.31.03 The contest poll is up... Vote now! + New doll: Gothic Countess.
12.30.03 Our current contest is now closed. The poll will be up tomorrow.
12.27.03 New doll: Street Fashion.
12.25.03 We have modified the Moe base a bit: She's gotten a new face and a few new poses! (To make a bigger difference between Doris and Moe.)
12.24.03 Arwen in mourning robes. This was drawn on a new base, which is going to be posted soon.
12.23.03 Three new Moe bases, + New doll: Pirate with a monkey.
12.20.03 Entered contest: Playing Cards.
12.18.03 New doll for an Elf Contest.
12.17.03 Entered contest: A Pirate's Life for Me.
12.14.03 Aye! Look at this awesome pirate.
12.13.03 Happy Lucia! We celebrate Lucia in Sweden on the 13th of December.
12.12.03 Hindu goddess Bharatma.
12.11.03 An elf doll + A new Moe base.
12.09.03 NEW CONTEST! "Ties". Accepting enries until December 30th. + New doll in the Goth category.
12.08.03 The "Follow The Picture" contest is over, and the awards are posted.
12.06.03 A new Fantasy doll.
12.05.03 A Hogwarts student.
12.03.03 New doll: Helen of Troy.
11.30.03 Our contest is now voting!
11.25.03 A Vintage doll and a Fantasy doll.
11.24.03 Another pair of Twi'leks.
11.23.03 A Twi'lek.
11.22.03 Three Star Wars dolls!
11.19.03 A gift.
11.15.03 New Fantasy doll. + NEW CONTEST! "Follow The Picture".
11.14.03 A flapper doll and an Auror.
11.13.03 Two new dolls: A Hufflepuff student and an Ice Faerie.
11.12.03 Two Harry Potter requests.
11.11.03 A couple of new Doris bases.
11.10.03 The Wedding Dress contest is over and awards are up!
11.08.03 Two new dolls: Snow White and a Harry Potter request.
11.04.03 NEW LAYOUT! :) + We added a Tag-Board. Also two new requests.
11.01.03 Gryffindor student.
10.31.03 A twenties doll.
10.30.03 A request.
10.29.03 Two requests.
10.27.03 Doll in a retro gear.
10.26.03 A request for Hannah.
10.25.03 A pagan doll.
10.22.03 Rystáll, a Star Wars VI character.
10.20.03 A new vintage doll.
10.18.03 NEW CONTEST! "Wedding Dress" - Accepting entries. + Entered contest: Medieval Costume. + Gryffindor request.
10.16.03 Would you know it's Buffy? :)
10.08.03 The Four Elements contest is over and awards are up!
10.06.03 New Fantasy doll.
10.03.03 Trick or treat... it's halloween month!
10.02.03 A new historical doll.
09.26.03 The Four Elements contest is now voting!
09.20.03 A new doll: Fantasy.
09.19.03 ¤ A new doll: Characters.
09.16.03 Entered contest: Fall.
09.08.03 NEW CONTEST! "Four Elements" - Accepting entries. + The Fly Away contest is over and awards are up! + Three new dolls: Goth and Fantasy.
09.05.03 A new vintage doll and a new fantasy fairy.
09.04.03 A new Moe base.
09.01.03 Entered contest: Mr. and Mrs. Hogwarts. + A new vintage doll.
08.31.03 Six new Doris bases! + A new doll, this too is inspirated by Mucha.
08.28.03 Two new requests.
08.25.03 Three new requests + three new Doris bases.
08.22.03 Two new misc dolls.
08.19.03 Three new requests, and two Mucha inspirated dolls.
08.18.03 Modified face for the Doris and Moe bases.
08.16.03 New doll: Gryffindor student.
08.15.03 Entered contest: Half and Half.
08.14.03 New fantasy doll: Mermaid.
08.10.03 A couple doll: "Suzy & Ika".
08.09.03 A new vintage doll.
08.08.03 A new misc doll.
08.08.03 NEW CONTEST! "Fly Away" - Accepting entries.
08.08.03 A new fantasy doll.
08.07.03 A new living dead doll.
07.27.03 A new doll.
07.26.03 Two new living dead dolls and Ron Weasley.
07.25.03 Three new living dead dolls.
07.24.03 Five new living dead dolls.
07.23.03 Four living dead dolls.
07.21.03 New doll representing The Beatles in the movie HELP!
07.20.03 A new doll.
07.18.03 Two new dolls! Misc and "Suzy and Ika".
07.17.03 "Hogwarts Student" contest awards are up.
07.15.03 Entered contest: Time Machine.
07.14.03 Entered contest: Japanese School Outfit.
07.10.03 Three new historical dolls and a spooky one...
07.08.03 Two new mermaids.
07.07.03 A new mermaid doll.
07.05.03 Two new vintage dolls and a new international.
07.04.03 New international doll.
06.29.03 Two new dolls! Historical, vintage.
06.16.03 Pattie base edit contest is over and awards are up! NEW CONTEST! "Hogwarts Student" - Accepting entries.
06.14.03 Entered contest: Feelin' Froggy Contest.
06.11.03 New doll: Fruits!
06.08.03 Entered contest: "Angel of Death". Pattie Couple Base Edit contest now voting! Entered contest: Favourite Band Contest
06.06.03 New contest entry: A ghost for a Halloween Contest.
06.04.03 New doll: A Bride!
06.03.03 Three new vintage dolls!
05.31.03 Entered contest: "Lizzie Borden". Five new dolls! historical, international, vintage, characters and misc.
05.30.03 Entered contest: "Red Dress".
05.29.03 DHF is Fuschia Bunny's Spiffy Site!
05.28.03 DHF is site of the week at Fickle!
05.24.03 A new sister site!
05.17.03 Four new dolls: A historical doll, a fantasy doll, and two characters.
05.17.03 New contest entry: Lady of Renaissance.
05.15.03 New contest! Yay! :) This time it's a Pattie base edit.
05.15.03 The "Dolls in Space" contest is over and the winners are posted! Pick up your awards here.
05.15.03 New contest entry: Miss May.
05.11.03 Four new Pattie couples.
05.10.03 New contest entry: Masquerade.
05.09.03 New contest entry: Bloody Mary.
05.05.03 Two new Fantasy bases.
05.05.03 A couple of new Doris bases! Plus, we scrapped the old face and replaced it with Moe's...
05.05.03 Two new dolls; one in the Misc section, and one in Characters.
04.26.03 A centaur base on the Fantasy page.
04.21.03 Two new Pattie bases.By request, we made a "Patrick" for Pattie. ;)
New base category: "Fantasy". Three mermaid bases!
04.15.03 New contest! The theme is "Dolls in Space". Go check it out!
04.14.03 The Hippie contest is over. Awards are now posted!
04.06.03 Entered contests: "Gothic Lolita", "Fantasy" "April Queen" and "Bathing Suit".
04.03.03 Entered contest: "Starfleet".
03.31.03 Entered contests: "Curly Hair " and "Slytherin Pride".
03.30.03 Entered contests: "Delphine", "Artistic Vision" "Mermaid" and "Bunny Ears".
03.27.03 Entered contest: "Best Friends Contest".
03.25.03 Entered contests: "Goth Contest", "Ready For Summer Contest" and "60's Contest".
03.23.03 New Pattie base, holding hands.
03.19.03 Newest contest entry: A rococo dress.
03.18.03 A new base! "Pattie".
03.15.03 New contest! Theme "Hippie". Don't miss it! :-)
03.14.03 Another vintage doll. The Moe bases now come with faces.
03.13.03 We have made yet another sister site!
03.09.03 A new doll in the 1900-'40 category.
03.06.03 We have a new sister site!
03.05.03 Two new goth dolls.
03.03.03 Entered contest: Historical Contest. Also, three new Doris bases!!
03.01.03 Entered contest: Gothic Contest.
02.27.03 A couple of awards won. Winners in the Zodiac contest are announced!
02.24.03 A new Doris base!
02.23.03 Suzy entered a contest themed "Ice Queen".
02.20.03 The Zodiac doll contest is closed and now voting!
02.18.03 New vintage doll added.
02.17.03 Using one of the new Doris bases, Suzy entered a Moulin Rouge themed contest: Satine.
02.13.03 Suzy's been working on some new bases! Check out the new ones called Doris and Moe.
02.03.03 Entered "Green Contest".
02.01.03 Entered contests: "Rainbow Hair Contest" and "School Girl Contest".
01.29.03 Award recieved by Steph at Lil' Pink Land for winning the Naia Base Contest!
01.27.03 A new doll on the misc page.
01.25.03 Plain doll bases... or doll bases with a face... take a look at the poll!
01.22.03 We have made our very first sister site with Purple Daisies!
01.19.03 I have entered an 80's Cartoon contest, my entry is "She-Ra".
01.17.03 New contest! Theme: "My Zodiac Sign".
01.13.03 I have entered a Harry Potter contest! View my entry.
01.11.03 Four dolls in Harry Potter theme: Quidditch robes.
01.08.03 Two new bases in four skin tones.
01.02.03 "Rain" contest winners are announced in the contest section.